Rehabilitation of Vision Impaired People

An additional rehabilitation program includes teaching vision impaired people to navigate in space. It is especially important for those people that have lost their vision recently and didn’t receive such necessary support on time.

Quite often people that ask us to train a Guide Dog for them have very weak skills of moving and caring for themselves independently. Our main goal then is to make them more mobile and self- confident, teach them the basics of moving independently indoors and outside, ways of using their cane. It is necessary to teach them how to correctly identify and use markers and use assistance from other people. In the first instance it will help them to lead a more independent life.

It is also an important element for successful work with a dog. Since to use a Guide Dog one needs to be able to navigate independently. That’s when the dog’s help is most effective.

Navigation training is conducted by an experienced teacher through a program individually tailored for each vision impaired person.

When necessary psychological help can be provided.