How to apply for a guide dog

Who can receive a Guide Dog 
We train Guide Dogs for vision impaired people over 18 years old that have difficulties moving independently and need assistance of a Guide Dog, have conditions for keeping a dog and are physically able to walk with quite a big and energetic dog.

The dog is transferred free of charge
The dog is transferred free of charge (for Russian citizens) based on a Charitable Contribution Contract signed by the Center and a vision impaired person.
What documents are needed
In order to receive a Guide Dog we require the following documents:

  1. An application (in free form) to train a Guide Dog.
  2. Filled questionnaire.
  3. Copy of a medical certificate confirming the disability.
  4. Copy of a Russian passport.

The documents do not have to be certified by a notary, we can certify them ourselves if you show us the originals. You can submit the documents in person or by registered post. Please contact us to confirm the address. Initiallyyoucanemailthedocumentstous.

After we receive your documents our dog trainer will visit us to discuss your wishes with regard to the dog, answer any of your questions, check living and working conditions for the dog. Unfortunately, it is not always possible and if you live far from us (our Center is in Moscow) we will be limited to correspondence and telephone calls. In such a case we ask you to fill in the questionnaire in great detail, because we will be selecting and training the dog for you based on the information you provide. Guide Dogs’ training is standard for all the dogs but each of them also learns specific skills necessary for a person that we are training it for.

When you receive your Guide Dog
Based on the documents we received from you we include you into our waiting list. You will receive the dog free of charge. An average waiting period is 12 months. When a dog suitable from you finishes its training we will give you a call and agree a date for your visit.

What dog you will receive
We train young adult dogs (1-2 years old) that we purchase after a thorough testing and check for their ability to work as a Guide Dog. We only use Labradors and Golden retrievers of both sexes. These breeds are the most suitable for the complex work of a Guide Dog. The dogs are usually sterilized.

In exceptional circumstances we can train a Guide Dog that belongs to the vision impaired person on a condition that the dog successfully passes tests in our Center.
Not every dog can become a Guide Dog. Please do not rush to buy a dog independently. Please consult us first.

At the end of its 4-6 months’ training a dog has to take an exam together with its trainer to confirm its readiness for work. The dogs are trained by expert dog trainers that have many years of experience training dogs for persons with special needs.

How the dog is transferred
We will inform you about expected date for the transfer of the dog in advance. It is always possible to agree the time for transfer that would suit both you and the Center. The exact date is usually confirmed one to two weeks in advance. After that you will have to take a two week course of training together with the dog. During that time you will receive all necessary information and will learn to handle the dog. In its turn the dog will get used to you and will learn to obey and work with you. It’s a very important stage, you can not ignore it.

The dog is transferred to its new owner at our Center in the town of Zheleznodorozhnyi, Moscow Region, sometimes (for Moscow residents) at the vision impaired person’s home and takes on average two weeks. We organize the transfer of the dog to each person individually based on his/her abilities and characteristics.

What documents you will receive
We are signing the following documents when transferring the Guide Dog:

1. Guide Dog passport.
2. Charitable Donation Agreement for the Transfer of the Guide Dog to a Vision Impaired Person.
3. Act of Transfer of the Guide Dog.
4. Dog’s veterinary passport.

Those documents do not just confirm your dog’s status as a Guide Dog but are also a basis for you to receive the annual monetary compensation for the maintenance and veterinary care of your dog.

Dog’s equipment
Together with the dog you will receive a set of equipment necessary for its work, including a special light reflecting Gide Dog frame. 

We keep in touch with everyone who received a dog from us and are always ready to help you in any way we can.