“Pros” and “Cons” of Getting a Guide Dog

Before you make a very important decision to get a Guide Dog you should consider all pros and cons.
A Guide Dog will remember your usual routes and will take you there warning of various obstacles along the way. In an unfamiliar area it will help you follow the chosen direction and will take care of your safety.
But the dog will only do its job well if you learn to control its actions, will be strict and exact with it. You will have to learn a lot and it will not always be easy. A dog can remember many routes, find its way around and walk with you everywhere.
However, you should not fully rely on your dog, we say that a Guide Dog is only one of the means of rehabilitation of a vision impaired person. The Guide Dog does not completely free you from having to find your way independently.
A Guide Dog will learn to walk at speed you need and will be well behaved. However, a dog requies certain physical efforts when you work with it and take it out for walks. You should objectively assess your capabilities.
A Guide Dog has a right to get into shops, chemists, other public premises with you, accompany you on your trips in all public transport. It happens that people around you do not immediately recognize a Guide Dog and you may have to let them know about its rights and, possibly, show its passport.
A dog is a pleasant companion during your walks but it needs two or even three walks a day and either you or your family members will have to take care of it. A dog is a great friend and a reliable assistant but the dog itself needs care, good feed, vitamins and sometimes medicine.
As soon as you receive a Guide Dog you will meet a lot of new people, mostly among the dog owners living in your neighbourhood. It is possible that your neighbourhood janitor might want to meet you if he/she is not happy with your dog using a nearest lawn as a toilet. You will receive a silent and patient listener which will never give away your secrets and your children will receive a four-legged friend and a play mate that changes its hair twice a year leaving a lot of hairs on your floors and clothes.